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Septic Service
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A septic tank is a beautiful, delicate, machine.  Just like a car, it NEEDS to be serviced REGULARLY.
Did you know?

A typical 2,000 gallon aerobic system needs to be pumped out, and serviced atleast every two years.
A typical 1,000 gallon septic needs to be fully pumped, and serviced every three to five years.
A typical 2,000 gallon aerobic system has three chambers, and all three chambers must be fully pumped, and cleaned in order for it to function properly.
Build-up on the floor of your pump tank, if not serviced and cleaned completely, and regularly, can and will damage your pumping system, even resulting in pump replacement.
Fact: if these things and others are not completed correctly, it will cost more money,.... A PRETTY PENNY more...
We can help you with these few issues and more, and we do it with a smile. Baltimore's Septic Services, specializing in Septic and Arobic Systems.

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Baltimores septic service' includes aerobic septic services,  septic system service, septic system repair, aerobic septic system installs, aerobic and standered septic services in tulsa, servicing green country, northeastern oklahoma. We do septic installs, septic parts repair, and plumbing plumbing, we also service owasso, skiatook, sperry, bixby, pawhuska, barnsdall, tulsa county, washington county, osage county. call today  we will be there with our  pumper pump truck, a we will handle your business